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"Information signs have been growing in visibility due to the explosion of sign technologies. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years signs were crafted out of wood. Words and images were then hand-painted on the sign. The other traditional way of creating signs dealt with individual constructed letters carved from wood, molded or wrought from metal, which were then individually placed in the appropriate sequence."

"While both of these methods are still employed, technology has moved in around them. Woodworking machinery can now be controlled by computers, leading to much greater consistency. Molded signage has changed dramatically with the advent of plastics, which are far more flexible than metal as well as significantly cheaper to produce. Additionally, altogether new sign technologies have come into being, such as computer-cut vinyl signage."    -*

   Free Safety Signs

Safety Signs is a leading manufacturer of OSHA and ANSI-compliant Safety Signs and Labels, manufactures a full range of durable, headers and application-specific safety products with several language options. collected a number of funny signs to grab your employees attention or theft prevention signs to prevent shoplifting. There are other categories as well. has a great number of unusual and helpful safety sign clip art for you to browse and download. at Cornell University they have put together quite a few safety signs to promote safety in the lab environment. Wiki has done it again with a great resource on road safety signs from all over the world. GEt an idea how they keep safe in other lands. Wiki has coloceted many warning signs from all over the world. You can view compare and even download the various warning or safety signs from any contry you choose.

Safety in the Workplace has well over a hundred free safety signs. They call themselves the unofficial guide to OSHA. Thier signs deal with many OSHA issues. has a large selection of OSHA and statutory signs that you can print out using your PC's printer. They have the safety signs you might need to comply with todays safety regulations. The OSHA "It's the Law poster" is available for free from OSHA. Employers do not need to replace previous versions of the poster, however, all covered employers are required to display an official poster. provides a number of different OSHA job safety and health posters free for download. has many easy to Print common signs, Caution, For Sale, Yard Sale, No Smoking, No Parking, more... Hazard symbols are recognizable symbols designed to warn about hazardous materials or locations. The use of hazard symbols is often regulated by law and directed by standards organizations. put together a large number of safety signs and symbols, primarily laboratory and chemical lab safety signs and symbols, that you can save and print for your own use.

       Don't Run On Fire!

Customisable Safety Signs put together a great little program that lets you build your own safety signs from scratch. You pick text colors, background colors, and they even have over 250 pictures to choose from to enhnce your work. also has a great in-browser program for creating fantastic customised safety signs. Their editing program is more like a document editor. has another great little safety sign program that is easy to use, and it even lets you put a circle with a line through any picture they provide, nifty.

Safety Signs

Funny Safety Posters I'm not sure where they got these safety posters from, but they are really funny. Even in the world of workplace safety you need to keep things in perspective with some humor now and again.